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Online tuition, is tuition without borders, meaning the tutor and student do not have to be in the same room, let alone the same continent! Simply put, Online tuition is the process of learning via the internet.


All learning takes place online using live streaming video so that the student is learning and collaborating with the tutor in real time. With no need to travel, increased flexibility and advances in technology, online tuition is fast becoming the method of choice for learning.

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We provide you the best services that will help you in your studies and career growth

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We provide you the best services that will help you in your studies and career growth


Mathematics is the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, patterns, and the relationships between them


Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the composition, properties, and changes of matter.


Physics is the natural science that seeks to understand the fundamental behavior of the universe.


Biology is the scientific study of life and living organisms. Interactions between ecosystems.

We provide you the best services that will help you in your studies and career growth
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Maths With Dan
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A Ma RamaA Ma Rama
15:08 24 Jun 24
A very overdue review!! Highly recommend Daniel. My son Cameron genuinely enjoyed his sessions and always commented that he got a lot from them - even recommending him to friends. Both groups and 1:2 sessions were of great use to my son and his confidence in Maths grew massively. We only stopped using Dan due to conflicting schedules but will be sure to reach out when for my other son when the time comes! Thanks Daniel!
Daniel MorganDaniel Morgan
22:41 22 Jun 24
Absolute legend, helped save my maths A-level grade 😅
Joel JenningsJoel Jennings
17:13 22 Jun 24
I've just finished my A level maths, and I absolutely recommend MathsWithDan! Really great in teaching an audience on his youtube livestreams by going through tricky questions, answering questions in live time, and giving advice about how to think mathematically. Really grateful for the confidence he gave me, especially before paper 3 applied maths and I came out of the exam feeling extremely happy with it.
Cheers Dan
Neel DasNeel Das
15:21 21 Jun 24
Not only is ge good at maths but he explains things very well. Only youtuber that i fully understand what hes doing and made maths so much easier
Habeeba WaleedHabeeba Waleed
20:00 20 Jun 24
I’ve discovered Dan only after maths paper 1 through tiktok then watched his youtube lives as well, and I wish I discovered him sooner. I highly recommend for any struggling maths students to follow him. He makes the most difficult of questions look very easy and solves in a very organised way. I’m sure any year 12s that follow him now will ace their exams, and I will definitely tell my friends from the younger years about his channel. I struggled with mechanics the whole year and after watching a few of his videos I found mechanics genuinely very easy. He also chooses questions very smartly, 2 of the questions he went over on live last night before paper 3 were very similair to the ones on the exam. I really appreciate the time he takes to post tiktoks everyday during the exam season as well as youtube lives dedicated to each paper. Biggest thanks to him, what a legend. Wish my maths teachers were like this.
Kristen JohnstonKristen Johnston
09:36 12 Jan 24
Dan was very helpful with my daughter for her GCSE resit exams. He was patient and always informed me of how she was doing and how we could help her outside of tutoring. Thanks to Dan my daughter passed her resits and she is very proud of herself.
Sherill Fuller-MyersSherill Fuller-Myers
11:38 24 Aug 23
I would like to recommend Dan, he only started to work with my daughter for around 12 weeks, just prior to the GCSEs
Luckily for us he had a slot on his group online sessions. I'm thinking if she never got that help from him then it might have been another story lol 😆

My daughter said she learnt "Stuff" from Dan's sessions. Whatever Stuff means lol

We thank you so Much!! Dan, you need to showcase that your students 100% Pass or whatever %. Dan needs to be Nationwide and the kids say his Cool 😎, so that's a Plus!!! 🤣definitely enrol your child & very affordable🙏🏽💕

Stay Blessed!!!
Rockell PattersonRockell Patterson
18:34 20 Aug 23
Daniel words can't express my gratitude for your input in my daughter's successful A-level outcomes. Before you came into my daughters life, she had no hope of passing Maths so she put it on the back seat to focus on the subjects that she was already mastering. Daniel, from the very first lesson, my daughter had with you, she realised the possibility of passing Maths. After only 3 months of tutoring only once per week, my daughter passed Maths A-level along with 3 other subjects and is on her way to Oxford University. I hope my daughter writes her own review because she is impressed with your teaching skills and she thinks you're a Maths genius.
I appreciate that you always provided feedback and suggestions to me, even when I don't ask for it. This helped me to support my daughter in the months leading up to her exam.
Daniel, you really care for your students which is evident in you providing free online lessons for your students and whoever was sitting exams in the weeks leading up to the exam, which my friend daughter benefitted from and commented how useful the sessions were.
I will definitely recommend you.
Thank you for preparing my daughter for the journey ahead and making the world a better place.

Rockell Patterson
Charmian T RileyCharmian T Riley
06:19 15 Jun 23
So glad I found Dan for tutoring my daughter. She is in year 11 and therefore was due to sit her GCSE but had lost confidence in herself and starting panicking due to upcoming exam. Dan had made her regain confidence through this understanding, explanations and patience. Whilst on the sessions my daughter had said how he is amazing at explaining methods and wished he was her teacher at school as she now understands soo much more. She completed her last GCSE Maths yesterday and came back happy as she was able to complete all of the paper, something I didn’t think I would see. Dan is also thorough and polite when messaging parents to advise on any details. Would definitely recommend 💯
Elene EleneElene Elene
13:07 30 May 23
Daniel has been tutoring my daughter for the last two years to support and prepare her for GCSE exams. Daniel's tutoring has been the best investment we have ever made into our child's education. Daniel is the most skilled and resourced professional who always has his pupil's interests as his priority. We first booked lessons with Daniel when my daughter needed to cover gaps in her knowledge left by the lack of teaching during the Pandemic. Soon, it became clear that Daniel was making a marked difference in my daughter's learning; Her maths achievements started to improve. Her homework was no longer a chore for her, she was getting amazing results in her school assessments and mock exams. Her confidence in maths increased noticeably, she started enjoying maths and appreciating her mathematical abilities and skills and decided to pursue maths at A level.

Dan created a learning environment where my daughter can fully display her good understanding of maths as well as her lack of knowledge or failure to grasp. She is encouraged to ask and ask and ask again when/if she does not understand, forgets or finds something does not make sense. She knows how to question until finds the solution to the difficult questions. Dan supported my daughter's education with his own hard work and dedication to bring out the best in his students, he brought her to the point where she can face her upcoming exams without any fear of failure but the expectation of success. Daniel is always teaching, there is always an accessible group lesson or a free lesson available.

Daniel is the most respectful and considerate professional, he is very approachable, friendly, understanding and always happy to help. Dan's openness to communicate makes thighs so much easier for us. He is always willing to understand and listen to our circumstances and find a solution.

Dan is very organised, has lots of group and private options on offer. He knows how to make teaching maths enjoyable, effective and rewarding. My daughter found Daniel's teaching method and delivery always lead to the achievement of her desired marks. We are very proud of our daughter's gained confidence and knowledge and her level of preparedness for her upcoming GCSE exams 2023.

Thank you very much!
Kamilah TomlinsonKamilah Tomlinson
19:21 14 May 23
My son is in year 10 and has been working with Daniel, online for just over a year. In this time my son’s confidence in maths has increased significantly. He has moved from middle to top set in maths. Daniel had developed a great relationship with my son and has a gentle and encouraging approach to teaching. We will be working with Daniel until my son completes his GCSEs. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel. Thanks Dan!!
Debbie LawrenceDebbie Lawrence
16:48 02 Sep 22
Dan this is just a quick note thank you for helping my son with his maths. As a result he passed his GCSE. Your 1:1 tuition helped strengthen his weak areas greatly and your exam tips prepared him well with confidence to sit the exam. You can imagine how elated he was when he found out he had passed.
I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Best wishes.
Maddison ChirwaMaddison Chirwa
12:14 30 Aug 22
Dan was the best option for my Children. He is young and so got on very well with my kids. His great communication during lessons allowed my kids to very quickly learn topics that they used to struggle learning at school. He always made sure the lessons were fun and interactive which removed the boring side of revision. My kids really benefited from him and one of them managed to get a grade 8 in maths, which is 2 grades higher than his mock grade just months before. In just a couple of months, he managed to inspire my kids to push forward and achieve their goals. Thank you Dan.
Thadog HouseThadog House
11:55 26 Aug 22
I can’t recommend Daniel enough! My Daughter who has dyscalculia has always struggled with maths to the point she would have anxiety attacks preparing herself for maths class the next day. 3 months before her GCSE’s she relented and said I’ll give tutoring a try. Daniel has a great approach and instantly put her at ease. He teaches tips and tricks that really work. Her school teacher actually made several comments of, ‘Who taught you how to do that, your tutor?’
After only 3 months of weekly sessions my daughter had gone from grade 2, never passing a maths exam, to passing her GCSE with a high grade 4.
Thanks to Daniel she can take an extra A level subject instead of resitting maths!
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Davina AbrahDavina Abrah
09:59 26 Aug 22
My daughter has always struggled with Maths. After her mock exam, we decided to use Dan to help boost her confidence in Maths. After just a few months, her confidence and understanding of maths improved alot and she managed to pass her Maths GCSE!! Dan’s calm and friendly approach with banter in between really helped her to relax, which took away her previous anxiety around maths. Now he is tutoring my son in preparation for GCSES next year, I look forward to returning here with another great testimony 🤞🏾😊
Cleo Tarie MutingwaCleo Tarie Mutingwa
22:39 25 Aug 22
Dan you’ve been amazing with my daughter💫. You helped her gain confidence in a subject that she was struggling with. Through your help, in such a short space of time, she flew from a 4 to a 6. Thank-you for going above and beyond, communicating with both myself and my daughter before and after lessons, ensuring that she’s understood the content delivered and for checking if she needed extra support. I will definitely recommend you to other parents who need help for their children. Keep up the good job!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Erick SterrlingErick Sterrling
14:31 25 Aug 22
What a fantastic tutor!
Dan worked brilliantly with my son and effortlessly established an effective and welcoming rapport in no time. Dan communicated well with both parent and student and demonstrated he cared for the outcome of his GCSE exams by always going above and beyond. I would recommend Maths With Dan to any young person who needs one to one support for upcoming assessments. We are proud of my son’s high performance in the recent Maths GCSE exams 2022 and can’t thanks Dan enough.
James MelissaJames Melissa
23:05 18 Aug 22
Daniel worked really well with my son. My son found the sessions with Daniel to be enjoyable and engaging. His method of working made difficult matters much easier to digest and take-in. He was also very encouraging of my son which in turn made my son want to go the extra mile to try to do as well as he could -- which he did. And his A-Level result was testament to this. Would highly recommend Maths with Dan.
Sonia KainthSonia Kainth
09:53 06 Feb 22
Dan is an understanding and highly enthusiastic tutor. He uses creative techniques, which wouldn’t be found in the classroom, to overcome challenging areas of maths. Highly recommend! 🚀✨
Sandy SandySandy Sandy
21:37 29 Jun 21
Great tuition for my daughter with her GCSE's. Highly recommend. Thank you for your support, professionalism & advance knowledge. My daughter gained her confidence & theory with her Math's.
Sonya AndersonSonya Anderson
08:33 04 Jun 21
It is my pleasure to have Daniel as my son's tutor, he is excellent at his job.

My son looks forward to his lesson on Saturdays, and he told me "Daniel is patient and calm, Daniel actually listens and explains clearly and precisely, always checking if I understand and we do some practice activities to double check my understanding before we continue".

My son has improved a lot, because of these lessons with Daniel and I'm very happy that I chose him to tutor my son.
Hafsa MohammedHafsa Mohammed
17:02 20 Nov 20
My sister was struggling with Maths before Daniel and we could never find a tutor that could both teach her properly and she liked. He’s the best maths tutor. She always looks forward to her lessons and Daniel’s so good at explaining things.

His lessons are enjoyable and helpful. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner!
Michelle JosephMichelle Joseph
00:04 17 Nov 20
My son looks forward to his online Maths lessons and is getting more confident in his school work. Dan checks that each instruction is understood, and my son finishes every lesson with a positive attitude. They seem to have built a very good rapport, and what’s more my son enjoys it.
Marie McLornanMarie McLornan
12:30 16 Nov 20
I would definitely recommend Daniel.
He is a committed tutor who developed a rapport quickly with my son. My son has gained so much confidence with maths since working with Daniel and is more able to tackle challenging questions. His maths ability has improved greatly.
Our founder, studied Mathematics as University achieving a First Class degree, however this journey was not a straightforward one. Daniel was once on the verge of being withdrawn from A-level mathematics, as he was told that he didn’t have what it takes to cope with the demands of the course. that comes with the course. This ignited a desire to study relentlessly and prove others wrong. He spent the next year working extremely hard to improve his grades and eventually achieved an A*. As a result of this experience Daniel has acquired all the necessary tips and tricks to improve his grades in a short period of time, hence MWD was born in 2017. Since then Daniel has worked with hundred of students to improve their grades and is responsible for content creation as well as delivering lessons.

Daniel Akinleye